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Jammy Update – April

It’s April! Here is your monthly update!

One small programming note: I will no longer be doing public monthly posts on Patreon. You can read this month’s Patreon round-up for free to get an idea of what you would get if you choose to support me for only $2/mo. Right now you’re in the right place to get the free monthly update with RSS, and the same free monthly update is available at Ko-Fi . On Ko-Fi if you donate for any amount you get access to the library of high resolution phone and desktop wallpapers (including the full version of this month’s header illustration!) You can also get more consolidated quarterly updates on my newsletter, and that one will be going out soon :0


This month on Patreon I’m taking sketch requests! I’m also continuing on with my two big projects of the moment: DIY Art Degree (spending a whole year improving my art skills!) and working on my next comics, big and small. I’m currently juggling four at the moment πŸ€”


This month we discussed Descending Stories, a fascinating story about a dying Japanese art form that I got low-key obsessed with after finding it randomly in the library and forced everyone to read. 

Excerpt from the manga "Descending Stories".

Stay dry everyone, remember that right now we’re paying for all those May Flowers (or so they say) 🌷🌷🌷

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