Custom Tech Comics

Comics are a unique and engaging way to communicate your technical product or process. Technical marketing that will delight your customers and be useful for years to come!

Comics are a friendly, flexible, and approachable way to convey detailed technical concepts. Jam has a professional background involving engineering, product design and industrial concept sketching, and over a decade of experience in comics.

  • Shenzhen Fast [2022]
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells [2022]
  • Shenzhen Fast [2022]
  • Raspberry Pi [2018]
  • Make Magazine [2018]
  • Shenzhen Fast [2022]
  • Monitoring System Concept [2016]
  • Shenzhen Fast [2022]
  • 3D Printer [2022]
  • 3D Slices [2022]
  • 3D Print Tells [2022]
  • 3D Printing Nozzle [2022]
  • Exo Skeleton [2022]
  • HTC Phone Study [2009]
  • Wasted Talent - Pulp and Paper [2009]
  • Prototyping (Elec) [2011]
  • Prototying (Mech) [2011]
  • SLS [2022]
  • Unsafe [2011]
  • Reactive Maintenance [2011]
  • Teambuilding [2011]
  • Maintenance [2011]
  • Inspection [2011]
  • Debugging [2011]
  • Wasted Talent - R&D [2015]
  • Data Mining [2011]
  • Wasted Talent - Safety Equipment [2013]
  • Coding [2011]

Why Choose a Comic for Tech Marketing?


Outreach content you can use for years to come.


Intimidating technical concepts become friendly and approachable


Comics are ideal for describing sequences, such as procedures or material flows


Imagine delighting your customers with technical outreach!

How it Works…

When you reach out to Jam, they will ask for more information about your objectives, intended audience, and the key messages you want to convey. They will use this information to create character concepts, a complete script for your review, budget, and timeline.

Jam will start drawing the comic and will submit a rough draft for your feedback. At this stage, any kind of feedback is possible and major changes (poses, panel content, layouts) are welcome. Once the pencils are complete and approved, Jam will request the first-stage payment and proceed to inks.

The inking stage is where the finished, crystal-clear lines are drawing for the comic. At this stage minor revisions are possible. Once approved, Jam will proceed to colours.

Jam recommends a black-and-white comic for a first engagement. These comics are very clear and effective and reproduce well. An upgrade to colour is very easy at a later stage. A few options for colouring style and pallete will be presented, and based on your feedback Jam will colour the comic.

Once the final comic has been approved and payment received, Jam will provide high resolution files suitable for print and web-resolution files suitable for email newsletters, social media, or hosting on your own website. Hooray!

Technical Comic Samples

  • How Injection Molding Machines Work
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells - page 1 [2022] Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells - page 2 [2022] Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells - page 3 [2022] Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells - page 4 [2022] Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association
  • How is a Printed Circuit Board Made?
  • Wasted Talent - My Job is like a JRPG 3 [2009]
  • Product Concept - Party Water [2017]
  • Wasted Talent - Industry Humour [2009]
  • "Ask me Anything" comic [2017]
  • Shenzhen Fast [2022] - Page 31
  • Wasted Talent - Corporate Slang 3 [2012]
  • "Ask me Anything" comic [2017]
  • Wasted Talent - Silicone Jail [2015]
  • Shenzhen Fast [2022] - Page 9
  • Wasted Talent - Precious Cargo [2014]
  • Shenzhen Fast [2022] - Page 3
  • Wasted Talent - Office Saga [2014]
  • Wasted Talent - Office Saga [2014]
  • Wasted Talent - Tweezed Out [2014]
  • Wasted Talent - TED [2009]

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