Hourly Comics Day 2024

Every year on February 1st, cartoonists all around the world chronicle their days, hour by hour. I’ve been participating in this event for many years! Here is my 2024 edition of Hourly Comics Day

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3:40am, jam is awoken by ChoCho (the black and white cat) zooming around the house and yowling (maoaoaoao?).

6:45am, jam is again awoken by a sunrise alarm. They stretch their hand out to ChoCho over the side of the bed while listening to morning radio. "ma." says ChoCho. They make a breakfast (brek) of plain yog with honey, cashews, pepitas, chia, flax and cranberries. They have to heat up ChoCho's food in a hot water bath.

8am: call w/ Germany. jam (wearing a headset, talking to a laptop): "We can get 1-2mm maybe. We did a bunch of destructive tests yesterday". Bikes to office down a quiet road with many crows. No rain :)

Hourly Comics Day 2024 by jam Page 2 9am: shower and change. jam looks at their outfit in the mirror (a sweater with triangles and a collared shirt). "The office is in my 'bubble'these days". jam is drawing at a table with a cup of coffee. (trying desperately to catch up on hourlies in 15m). 10am: Failure Analysis Meeting. colleague: "The mice destroyed the CT scanner!" jam: dang jam enters the clean room, dressed in a bunny suit with hair net. The air shower goes wsshhhhh 10:30am - 12pm Trials (process data collection) - jam and colleagues examine some equipment and take data. 12-12:30pm slunch (a salad) and frantically drawing hourlies.
Hourly Comics Day 2024 by jam

Page 3

colleague: "I'm happy to see you, but every time an engineer comes down here, I'm like 'uh ohhh something is wrong!'"
jam (tired): yeah...

jam (exhausted) trials done for today. 


jam, frustrated. "I have to sit with my feelings."

jam, concentrating. "I'm feeling frustrated because my morning routine was disrupted. My routines help me feel stable in an unstable world. This feeling is valid and belongs. I will sit and feel it and then it will pass."

jam, relaxed. "ok"

jam, drawing hourlies. "aaaa" (with an apple and an egg)
Hourly Comics Day 2024 by jam

Page 4

3:30-4:30, catch up on emails.
4:30-5pm, bike home. jam is at a very busy intersection with lots of trucks racing by.
stranger: "Beautiful biking weather today!"
jam: "yeah! so lucky"
stranger: "this intersection sucks tho"
jam: "ya, the worst..."

5-6:30pm: yoga. jam: "I'm glad I allow time for transitions now."
meditation: jam lying down in meditation alcove with choco on their belly. They are listening to a 'frequency clearing'. they fed and played with ChoCho already.

6:30-7:30pm. jam: "What did my catboy maid* make me for dinner?"
catboy maid* = meal delivery service. He is holding up a tray of chili and rice.

electronics club: jam taking a video call with friends.
Hourly Comics Day 2024 by jam

Page 5

7:30-10pm: drawing hourlies. Enjoyed a nice ginger beer and watched why files.

jam, exhausted: "Whouf. Today was a lot. *yawn*."
jam, studying hourlies: "I had to chop a lot to keep up. It is what it is."

jam, smiling softly: "Still, I'm grateful for how much beter I am at caring for myself <3"

jam in bed asleep. The end!
A photo of a black and white cat (ChoCho)

ChoCho my (11th) foster cat went to her forever home this week! πŸ’œ

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