Tech Comics


Hi, I'm jam. As a science communicator with a background in STEM (mechanical engineering), my main goal is to make technology fun and easy to understand. I excel at simplifying complex concepts, and I hope to improve access to the knowledge everyone needs to thrive in our modern society. I'm especially interested in sustainable technologies that will help humanity adapt and flourish in a changing climate.


Below are some of the comics I've made that have been focused on engineering and technology. I'm interested in creating more "how things work" pieces, as well as interviews with scientists, engineers and makers. If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss, please email me at jam AT wastedtalent DOT ca.

Shenzhen Fast

My most recent work, which will be debuting in 2022. I was able to travel to Shenzhen, China in 2018 in connection with my work as a product designer. I visited many of the facilities we used for prototying at my company. I compiled these experiences into a "how things get made overseas" explainer, focused on the people and processes that are involved in bringing everyday products to life. The final comic is 32 pages long, full colour (with colours by Julia Francis, and flat assist by Sfé R. Monster)


Selected panels from Shenzhen Fast (2020)


Make Magazine

In 2019, I was invited to create a guide to prototyping boards for Make Magazine. I completed this piece in collaboration with my Electrical Engineering colleague, Ryan Walker.

Make Magazine, vol 68

The Prototyping Board guide


Wasted Talent

I wrote autobiographical comics about my experiences from the time I started Engineering at the University of British Columbia, through my co-op placements, graduation, first roles, and on through joining and growing a product development startup. This weekly webcomic comic was widely praised both by engineers and non-engineers alike for helping to demystify the profession.


Many times people generously wrote me to tell me that my comic helped to introduce them to the career, or that it helped give them the emotional energy they needed to perservere in their studies. (This was a very rewarding outcome of the project to me!) From time to time I still answer questions about engineering and provide career advice. Sample panels of the technical side of Wasted Talent are below, the entire comic is archived at Wasted

Selected panels from Wasted Talent (2004-2016)