Comics Portfolio


jam has over a decade of experience producing professional-calibre comics. They have self-published five graphic-novel length collections of autobio comics (Wasted Talent) and one collaborative fantasy novella (Wander). Their short stories have been featured in numerous anthologies. For a complete CV, see the about page.


jam's main experience is as a writer/artist, but they also have experience as a writer only and as an inker. Their preferred workflow is digital (clip studio paint), but they also have a lot of experience producing work with traditional black and white ink, copic marker and watercolour.


Currently, jam is interested in technology-focused projects (see "Tech Comics") and low-stakes science fiction in the solarpunk genre.


Below is a hilight of their sequential works. For examples of their writing, see the archive. For examples of their illustration, see their tumblr. If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss please email them at jam AT wastedtalent DOT ca