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jam is a science communicator and cartoonist. They draw comics (science fiction and fact) that aim to enable a future of sustainable flourishing. They have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have published five graphic novel-length collections of comics about their career in product design.

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Shenzhen Fast: a full colour comic about the manufacturing processes, factories and people who make the goods we use everyday.

Now Live! (2022): Shenzhen Fast! A comic about how things are made overseas! Free to read online, also avaialble in digital and print editions.
don\'t forget to eat: a guide designed for the forgetful, exhausted or easily overwhelmed. This zine contains lavish full-colour illustrations that act as reminders. Easy meals organized by season!

Now Live! (2022): Don't forget to eat! Free to read online, also avaialble in digital and print editions.
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The Tradewaiters

jam is one of the members of The Tradewaiters - a comic book club podcast (With Jeff Ellis, Jonathon Dalton, and guests!). Click here to see all of the episodes.


The TradeWaiters ยท eps. 79: "The Magic Fish" by Trung Le Nguyen

Read Wasted Talent on Webtoon!jam with calipersWasted Talent: Silly True Stories by a Canadian Engineer

Read Wasted Talent, jam's autobio comic about becoming an engineer :)

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